• 1973

    Citizens of Los Angeles fight back as the war over Pimp Turf escalates to an all time high putting many at risk.
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  • Public Service Announcement

    Join Speedy J on another misadventure as he collects trouble while perusing through the mean streets of Hollywood.
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  • Yard Times

    Dippo tries to earn some pocket money by picking up a little work, but when his boss notices his butterfinger nature with sharp yard tools things tend to get a little hairy.
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  • Define This

    Hey Kids! Here is Sayz Me Street's english lesson for today on the real definitions of some words your parents didnt want you to know!
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  • Interviews

    Catch the behind the scenes interviews with the cast of Cutting Room TV!
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About CuttingRoomTV

With the entertainment industry always constantly advancing in new ways of showcasing up and coming talent, trying to get noticed as the up and coming talent is in fact a talent all on its on.

Back in 2007, actress Zahra Vincent was trying to do just that. With an initial idea of putting together a TV Show to pitch to several major networks, she decided to take it one step further. Rather than pitching an idea that could of just ended in years of developing with other name actors playing parts she saw herself playing she decided to take that same idea and use it to help other actors, as well as herself, become more experienced and marketable in the industry.

This led to the development of the show Cutting Room TV originally titled 'N The Cutting Room. With plenty of raw and edgy material written from her experiences living in LA, Zahra cultivated ideas that were unique to mostly LA but were topics that anyone could relate to no matter where they lived. A big fan of old school Hollywood influences, Zahra also felt it necessary to bring some of those values back to the Hollywood of today in hopes of implementing up and coming actors into this well respected art form. In doing so this created a diverse mix of characters and situations that would need talented actors from all walks of life.

In turn, not only did this give Zahra the opportunity to start her own production company to finance this project, she also set out to find an eclectic group of talented actors who, along with her, were needing to build up a body of work to get a good jump start out in LA and were capable of projecting the ideas needed to make this show as diverse and unique as possible.

Cutting Room TV is an up and coming internet based television show that is about as real as it gets. With influences such as Dave Chappelle, Saturday Night Live, and MadTV to I Love Lucy, The Marx Bros, Chaplin, and Buster Keaton this show explores the comical way everyday people really think about life. The flavor of the show is one that is definitely not conventional.